Affordable Beds in the City of Glasgow

The best bed suppliers offer a wide range of affordable quality beds to their customers, so everyone can find something to suit their individual needs. Beds Glasgow does our very best to bring you a terrific service that encompasses all of these important qualities.

Glasgow is the number one city for affordable beds of all types, sizes, and designs. Our city centre showroom is open 7 days a week to allow all of our clients the opportunity to come and see our quality beds and mattresses for themselves.


Below we’ll go through some of the best reasons to come to Beds Glasgow for affordable beds and mattresses.

First-Rate Quality Beds

Naturally the main reason to choose any well-established bed supplier is because of the high level of quality of their beds and mattresses. We only work with trusted and reliable bed and mattress manufacturers whom we know only use high-grade materials.

Avoid any less well-established bed suppliers who may not offer such a high level of quality regarding their beds, even if they appear affordable at first glance. It’s always better to pay a fair price for furniture that will last for the long-term.

Genuine Value-for-Money

Getting real value for your money is one of the most important aspects of getting a good deal. At Beds Glasgow, you’ll know you are getting the best bargains out there as we regularly make sure that we offer more competitive pricing than other less well-established bed suppliers.


Beds Glasgow offers the best prices for the high level of quality we bring all of our clients, don’t risk paying less for low-quality furniture from a less well-established supplier.

A Convenient & Professional Service

With Beds Glasgow, you always get a first-class service, giving you all the information you need and handling your order efficiently and accurately. You’ll know you’re speaking to a bed and mattress specialist with years of experience in the industry when you call one of our friendly team members.


Know that with Beds Glasgow you get expert advice and reliable information on anything bed and mattress related, we do much more than simply supply affordable beds.

Call Us for Affordable Beds Today

Beds Glasgow is always happy to hear from all clients, old and new. People come from all over Scotland to benefit from our wide range of affordable beds and mattresses.


Call our friendly team of specialists today at 0141 554 0792 or send us an email at

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